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Caustic Soda market overview from ICIS

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In the US, June caustic soda contracts rolled over, while July and Q3 discussions are centred on 
producers’ separately announced increased initiatives of $55-75/dry short ton (dst). Most market
 participants believe a portion of the proposed hikes will be accepted, although they are likely 
to be implemented in small increments across the quarter. Capacity cutbacks in the US and Europe
are expected to support gradual price increases over the next couple of years.
The European caustic soda market will be affected by stock levels after figures from Eurochlor showed 
historically low reserves and producers announced Q3 contract price increases. Mercury capacity in 
Europe is expected to be phased out by the end of 2017. This may lead to availability becoming more 
of a concern than pricing in the second half of the year.
In Asia, caustic soda availability remains tight, with little to no spot availability from Japan because
producers ran their operations at normal rates at the end of June. Supply from South Korea was mixed at 
the end of the second quarter. Export prices from China are stable amid tight export availability.

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